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"I was in complete turmoil, with my life shattering around me when I first came to Ms. Levatino's office. I had no idea of what to expect, only that I was in a free fall and I needed help. The professionalism and compassion I felt from Ms. Levatino was immediately reassuring. She started by listening to my situation, acknowledging my fears and then discussing several options with me. With her knowledge and experience, I gained a sense of peace and no longer felt like I was walking off a cliff into the unknown. She helped me understand what to expect each step of the way and kept me on a clear path of how to best navigate this difficult time in my life. It is her integrity and dedication to her clients that has made Elaine such a successful and respected mediator."

Barbara C.

"I had many legal options to choose from when ending my marriage. After interviewing several family law attorneys, I chose mediation with Elaine instead of going to court and battling it out. Elaine understood my fears and concerns about the divorce process. She not only explained what my legal rights were, but also helped me through the emotional side of the divorce as well. Working together, we were able to resolve the custody and financial issues in far less time than had I gone to court, saving so much time and money. I definitely recommend Elaine's services to anyone who is contemplating or in the midst of a separation or divorce."

Holly H.