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Family Law & Personal Injury Law

At the Law Offices of Elaine J. Levatino, our primary focus is on family and personal injury law. We represent individuals who are contemplating or currently in the process of obtaining a legal separation or divorce as well as those who have been seriously injured in all types of accidents.


Family Law Services


        A Better Way to Walk Away

Family law matters are resolved through mediation, a process in which parties work with a neutral mediator to reach an out of court resolution to their Family Law issues.

We encourage parties to choose mediation, a process which allows you to take control of the outcome, progress at your own pace and reach a solution that is tailor made for your family situation. Mediation removes the uncertainty, unpredictability, and expense of going to court and resolves issues in a fraction of the time, saving you time and money. Mediation promotes respect and cooperation between the parties, removes the stressful and combative nature of court intervention, and is an economical alternative to a court proceeding.

Personal Injury Services

Protecting Your Rights

        Maximizing Your Recovery

In a moment everything changes.

Being injured in an accident is a painful and often traumatic experience. When you are injured and in pain, it is difficult to deal with the many aspects of obtaining the proper medical treatment, dealing with wage loss and recouping property loss. That's where we step in to assist you with all of it. Moreover, we vigorously protect your rights and handle all contact with the liable party’s insurance company.